Gathering of the Church at the Selection Site - Stowarzyszenie Służba Szalom Oświęcim _angielska

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Gathering of the Church at the Selection Site

Visit of a group from Germany

On the 30th of July, with a group from the Bible school “Gateways Beyond Herrnhut” in Germany we met to pray and celebrate the Lord’s Supper at the selection point in the former German death camp KL Auschwitz-Birkenau. It was a very special and blessed time of humbling ourselves before the Lord and repenting of the sins of anti-Semitism. It was also a time of joy, especially at the end of the meeting when we sang “Am Israel Chai” (The nation of Israel is alive) and a small group of Israeli tourists joined us. We blessed them together and they thanked us with tears in their eyes for our attitude towards Israel, particularly now when the nation and State of Israel is experiencing such a difficult situation.

Meetings at the Selection Point

The selection point in Auschwitz-Birkenau is a place where Jewish people, transported from all of Europe, had their humanity taken away. At this place it was decided for every prisoner whether they would live or die. That’s why we, as the Shalom Ministry Association in Oświęcim, meet at this place to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Repenting for the outpouring of innocent blood, we ask God for forgiveness and cleansing of the sin of the nations.
On the 19th and 26th of April we met here with a group from Herrnhut, Germany and Czech as well as an international group C4I – Christians for Israel. It was a time blessed by God as we prayed together before the throne of God, believing that through the blood of Jesus this place will be cleansed. Our guests were deeply moved by the atmosphere at this place and cried out from their hearts to God for forgiveness. An especially emotional moment came as a Dutch Jewish lady read out the names of her relatives who were murdered here and the response of Sisters and Brothers from the Evangelical Sisterhood and Brotherhood in Darmstadt, asking for forgiveness.
By taking part in the vision of gathering the church from different nations at the selection point we are able to experience reconciliation, cleansing and freedom through the power of the holy blood of Jesus.  

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